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A foreigner has the right to work and live in Slovenia

This lovely small country is situated on the south of Central Europe and shares borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Slovenia has many advantages, one of which is that in one day you will be able to visit both the mountains and the sea.  Wonderful nature, clean atmosphere, clean drinking water, tranquillity, and orderliness already have caused the desire for many foreigners to stay here. 

Foreigners in Slovenia

Most people in Slovenia speak English. Having moved here, you can freely travel to the Schengen countries, and your children will be able to study at European universities. We also want to emphasize that Slovenia was recently announced as the winner in the Destination Leadership category of the 2017 National Geographic World Legacy Awards hosted at ITB Berlin! 

foreign nationals currently reside in Slovenia

Business in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small and safe country that lies right in the middle of tone of the world’s most exciting business regions, which provides a geostrategic position ideal to do business with European, as well as other countries – a market of 150 million people within 600 kilometres around Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Extreme smallness in population and land area are the country’s two main attributes for potential foreign investors. 

Profile and history
  • Full name: Republic of Slovenia
  • Population: 2.095.861 (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, January 2020) 
  • Capital: Ljubljana
  • Other major cities: Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Koper, Novo mesto, Ptuj, Jesenice, Nova Gorica
  • Official languages: Slovene, Italian and Hungarian (in municipalities with the Italian and Hungarian communities).
  • Area: 20.273 km2
    Religion:Roman Catholic (majority)
  • Monetary unit: Euro (€)
  • Independence from Yugoslavia: June 25, 1991
  • Joined the European Union: May 1, 2004
  • Country code: +386
  • Internet domain: .si
  • Minimum salary: 940,58 EUR (gross), 655,69 EUR (nett), 1.097,61 EUR (company's cost)
  • Corporate income tax: 19%
  • Standard VAT rate: 22%
  • Reduced VAT rate: 9,5%
Slovenia's Advantages for Business:

First, Slovenia is rich in natural resources which countries with high population growth lack, and secondly, skilled labour is available to a range of industries. In this regard, Slovenia is an easy location for investors to fill resource and talent gaps. Other advantages include adaptability of companies and of workforce, business legislation, investment incentives, investment tax allowances, and 19 % corporate income tax rate, the second lowest among OECD members.

Short facts about Slovenia for Business:
  • Slovenia is a small, but interesting and relatively rich market;
  • Slovenia market has proved to be attractive for foreign investors, especially those in services as an EU member country;
  • Slovenia is a part of the EU internal market, meaning that establishing a company in Slovenia offers access to the largest world market;
  • Slovenia is an ideal springboard for doing business with the countries of South Eastern Europe;
  • Slovenia has a comprehensive connections with economically important regions in the neighbouring Austria and Italy, and in nearby Germany;
  • High quality, well-educated and motivated labour force with good knowledge of foreign languages and high level of computer literacy;
  • Growing technological level and innovation activity of Slovenian firms, and quality research institutions;
  • High export propensity of the Slovenian economy and outward FDI of Slovenian firms;
  • Excellent geographical position, quality infrastructure with comprehensive transport and telecommunication network, fast development of information society;
  • Quality education system;
  • High level of investor’s protection;
  • Favourable profit tax;
  • High quality of life.
Investment Opportunities for Business:
  • Food Industry
  • Forestry and wood
  • High, New and Green Technology
  • Tourism
  • Infrastructure

But that is not all. You can open a business of any kind in Slovenia, so don’t hold back with your amazing ideas.

Company Formation

We can offer comprehensive support with optimal results. Our experts will guide you throughout the proces of company formation and provide full support at every step. We will adjust to your needs and find the best solution for your situation. The most common forms are: 

  • Limited liability company (LLC or d.o.o.),
  • Sole trader (s.p.) 
  • Branch and
  • Public limited company (d.d.).

Our Full Support


Business opportunities, tax and contributions accounting, legal consultancy and other necessary information. We'll be your partner before and after company establishment.


1) Consultation before opening a company, 2) Choosing the right type of company, 3) Name of the company, 4) Aid in opening a bank account 5) Transfer of initial capital.


Before registration of the new company you have to find a legal address for the company. We provide clients with a virtual office, which will significantly reduce costs of renting.


As soon as the company is registered the clients have to open a business bank account. We will help you choose the right bank and assist you while opening an account.


Our Accounting Service each month helps 500+ clients from Slovenia and abroad to fulfill all tax and accounting documents.


After company’s incorporation, a Slovenian tax number is obtained, but not automatically registered for VAT. We will help them you acquire it (if need), and also help you obtain an EORI no. (foreign entities registered outside the EU).


After the opening of the company, the client will be able to obtain a single permit for residence and work. With this permission, a foreigner has the right to stay and work in Slovenia.


Foreign entities registered outside the EU can apply for the EORI number in any Member State. And here is where our team of experts will make all efforts easier.

Residence and Work Permits

If you wish to work and live in the Republic of Slovenia we can carry out the whole procedure on your behalf, including the preparation of the necessary documentation.

We provide full support:

  • Interview and consulting (personal, by phone or online).
  • The procedure concerning work and residence permit.
  • In case of EU Blue card procedures concerning authorizing education certificates.
  • Communication with government authorities.
  • Carrying out employment procedure.
  • Indicative calculation of salaries and related taxes / contribution

The procedures differ from case to case; therefore comprehensive approach to each specific situation is needed. In addition to the execution of the overall procedure, we also provide you with full support and consultancy. In the event of uncertainty and additional questions we will help you find the best solution for your case. 

What type of permits can we help you obtain?

Single Residence and Work Permit for Citizens of the Third Countries

From 2015 the permit that allows a foreigner, who is not a member of the EEA, EU and Swiss Confederation, to work and live in Slovenia is called Single Residence and Work Permit.

The basis for obtaining the Single Residence and Work Permit is employment. And this condition can be met in two ways – having a Slovenian employer (a signed agreement) or opening a company in which you can be employed.
The validity of the first permit is usually 1 year (prolongation for 2 years).

Permanent residence can be requested after 5 years of living in Slovenia, and citizenship after 10 years.

Residence Permit for citizens of the EU, EEA and Swiss Confederation - so called EEA Card

Citizens of EU countries apply for obtaining a residence permit for the below reasons:

  • employment or work;
  • self-employment;
  • study and other forms of education;
  • family reunion and
  • other reasons.

In the above cases, the foreigner has to register personal residence address at the competent institution. Administrative unit shall issue a certificate regarding his stay until the final decision is made.

The residence permit is issued to a foreigner for a period of at least five years.

Permanent residence can be requested after 5 years of living in Slovenia, and citizenship after 10 years.

Single Residence and Work Permit for citizens of Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia

Slovenia has signed Bilateral agreements on employment both with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia which set out the conditions and procedure for issuing work permit. Bilateral agreements set into force:

  • with Bosnia Hercegovina from March 1, 2013;
  • with Serbia from September 1, 2019.

The permit is issued by the Employment Office, which is taken as consensus to the single residence permit, issued by the Administrative Unit. BIH /Serbia citizens may employ in case of:

  • registration at the Employment office in Bosnia and Herzegovina /Serbia as an unemployed person;
  • no suitable Slovenian candidates for the workplace;
  • fulfilment of a certain statutory conditions.

The employment agreement shall be concluded for a period of one year. Before the expiry of a work permit a foreigner may apply for prolongation. In the case of the fulfilment of conditions, the permit can be prolonged for a period of three years.

Permanent residence can be requested after 5 years of living in Slovenia, and citizenship after 10 years.

EU Blue Card for Highly Skilled and Qualified Workers (min. Bacheor Degree)

The Blue Card is issued to a foreigner who wants to enter and live in the Republic of Slovenia based on highly qualified education. Therefore it is not necessary to extra obtain a work and residence permit.

The foreigner have to meet the following conditions to obtain the Blue Card:

  • Valid travel document;
  • Health insurance;
  • Consensus by Employment Office on Blue Card.

Employer and worker must sign employment contract, which guarantee a salary of at least 1.5 of average annual gross wage in Slovenia. Foreigner may in this way immediately exercise the right to family reunion.

The validity of the first permit is usually 2 years (prolongation also for 2 years).

Permanent residence can be requested after 5 years of living in Slovenia, and citizenship after 10 years.

Temporary residence permit for the purpose of family reunification

A foreigner based on permanent or temporary residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia may obtain temporary residence permit for their family members:

  • Spouse or registered partner,
  • Minor (under 18 years) – child of foreigner,
  • Minor of spouse or registered partner,
  • In some cases also parents and adult unmarried children.

In addition to the basic requirements a foreigner has to prove the existence of a family relationship.

A permit for family reunification can be issued for a maximum period of 1 year (prolongation for 2).

Permanent residence can be requested after 5 years of living in Slovenia, and citizenship after 10 years.

Temporary residence permit for the purpose of Study

For study, specialization or education in the Republic of Slovenia a foreigner may apply for temporary residence permit for one year (prolongation as well).

During schooling a foreigner can be employed under the laws governing the work of students.

For this purpose we can offer you our “PACKAGE” which contains complete support from the moment of entry to Slovenia.

Our support comprehends:

  • Interview and consulting (personal contact, telephone, skype, e-mail or other communication channel).
  • Carrying out procedure concerning family reunion.
  • Communication with government authorities.
  • Assistance in the selection of high school / university
  • Enrolment into high school / university
  • Transport from the airport
  • Accommodation (room, apartment, hostel, student dormitory)
  • Student residence permit
  • Store, restaurants, travel, mobile information
  • Slovenian language courses and much more.

Education in Slovenia

Slovenian school system is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary education. Besides public nursery schools there are also international nursery schools.

Primary Education

The primary education is compulsory and free of charge; with the age of six children enrol in the first class. Education lasts 9 years.

Primary education in the Republic of Slovenia is carried out by elementary schools, Special schools, music schools and institutes for the education of children with special needs. Primary education for adults is organized in primary schools for adults and folk universities.

Besides public schools there are also internationalprimary schools.

Primary/elementary schools:

Secondary Education:

Secondary education in the Republic of Slovenia is divided into general and vocational, and secondary professional and technical education.

General secondary education lasts 4 years and ends with the so-called Matura examination. By passing the baccalaureate, the student can enrol in a university or other post-secondary programs. Vocational and secondary professional education lasts 2-5 years – depending on the programme.

Secondary schools:

Post-Secondary Education:

Post-secondary education complemented and rounded up the tertiary education which became its indispensable part. This education was recognized as a vital part of higher education and significantly contributed to the development of lifelong learning.

The post-secondary study was thoroughly renovated in the 1990s, since the introduction of the Higher Education Act (at the end of 1993), the study at higher education institutes was not possible anymore. In 1996 the first European-comparable two-year post-secondary study programs were adopted.

Higher Education:

Higher education in Slovenia is organized at universities, in public and concessionized independent higher education institutes and non-concessionized private independent higher education institutes.

There are four universities in Slovenia: University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska and University of Nova Gorica.

The system of higher education has been reformed according to the instructions of EU legislation with ECTS credits. This present a great advantage in international exchanges. Foreign students from other EU countries can combine scores in other universities.

The first stage respectively undergraduate program lasts 3 years and ends with awarding a diploma (Bachelor’s Degree). Master’s Program lasts 2 years (Master’s Degree). Exceptions are the uniform master study programmes of a total duration of 6 years (Medicine, Dental medicine, Veterinary medicine) and 5 years (Architecture, Pharmacy, Pedagogical mathematics, Theology). The doctoral program usually lasts 3 years, the student acquires the scientific title “Doctor of Science”.

The academic year begins on 1st October and ends on 30th September. Additional information can be found below:


In case of any question regarding company incorporation, accounting, work and residency permits or real estate research in Slovenia please feel free to contact our Internation Office.

+386 1 300 32 02

Why Choose Us

The Proevent d.o.o. company is an established accounting firm that provides accounting services to numerous companies in Slovenia and abroad. Proevent company’s history dates back to 1995 – and since then we have successfully built long-term partnerships founded on trust and mutual cooperation – therefore we treat each client individually and with great understanding of their needs and desires.


We offer foreigners in Slovenia comprehensive support in setting up a company, accounting, tax and legal advice and permits.


Before coming to Slovenia, we offer foreigners a comprehensive insight into doing business in Slovenia - we advise via Skype, telephone, e-mail ...


We have English, Russian, German, Italian, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian speaking consultants in our International Office.


We connect foreign entrepreneurs with the Slovenian economy through various connections, economic organizations and associations, and offer solutions and ideas for optimal business development.



The company can also be established by authorization (remotely), without the foreigner being present in Slovenia.


We also help foreigners in Slovenia to find their own home, office, warehouse for business, help them enroll in a Slovene language course and introduce them to Slovene culture.

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